We've had a lot of green visitors this spring….


I've been a little MIA….

Things sometimes happen in life that can have a tendency to hold us back and or keep us in limbo. Or perhaps, if looked at another way, these experiences can offer a time for reflection...a time to rest, to contemplate, to grow and to renew. Maybe a time to consider purging old thought processes or for cultivating fresh new perspectives. 

Perhaps it is combination of both, similar to wildlife, nature and the changing of the seasons. When I am is nature that always helps me find my way back…that helps me find my way to myself. That might sound strange but instinctively I know and feel this connection on some level... and then somehow I forget and lose my way. Maybe this too is meant to be, so that I can take a break, just breath, or... "just be". 

I think our lives often take cues from nature … after all isn't life itself essentially nature unfolding? Recently, I've been allowing myself to be with this awareness and feel this connection more deeply. I believe if we are patient, nature can have a powerful healing effect on us. I believe it can impact the growth of our physical and spiritual existence…on many levels. 

This past winter kept me hunkered down not only indoors but inside myself with heavy contemplation, I was deeply distracted. Although a fairly mild winter, it was very heavy for me in other ways. I felt like I was under winter's spell, lost in a dark hibernation of sorts. I allowed myself to be both tortured and impatient and yet I felt somewhat frozen at the same time. I was as groggy and frustrated as a bear trying to push through to spring. 

Then along spring came and with her an awakening. Like a promised gift that had been forgotten, she brought with her a renewed energy and excitement of things to come. Similar to a visit from a long lost friend, she relieved me of all my pent up angst. She brought me hope that answers I had been searching for would be revealed... in time. My patience was regained. I felt rested and rejuvenated just like the momma bear when she is ready to come out of hibernation. As I looked around, everything seemed comforting and familiar, yet new at the same time. I had a fresh new perspective in hand.

When I allow myself… I do in fact feel as though I am a part of nature. What an amazing feeling, what an awesome awareness! I can't help but thank God and Mother Nature for showing me the way... to myself.